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12 Jul 2017
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Top Homemade Exfoliating Body Scrub Recipes That Make Skin Rejuvenated

Homemade exfoliating body scrub recipes are perfect to make every person's day. These recipes are not only simple to make but also completely non-messy. They are easily available in the kitchen and do not need any extra pressure.

29 Jul 2017
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How To Test The pH of Your Shampoos and Conditioners

Copyright (c) 2013 www.oilyhairoilyscalp.comWe discuss the importance of choosing shampoos, conditioners and other hair products that have a pH (acidity or alkalinity) that is close to that of the natural pH of our scalp (between 5 and 6).

10 Jul 2017
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Facial Treatments for Acne - Should You Go for One?

Copyright (c) 2013 www.acnepimplehelp.comMany people try to get rid of acne by going for facials. Some do it religiously, sometimes every week, while some do it only when they get breakouts.

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  •   30 Jul 2017   Posted By Gerald T.   4 Favs   7 Comments

    Bath and Body Gift Baskets

    When it comes to giving great bath products as gifts you really can't go wrong if you purchase a bath and body gift basket. The numerous items in each bath & body gift set are products that everyone can use. And, people love the variety of scented bath salts, body wash, and shower gel that come with them. It is like getting 10 gifts rather than just one.

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  •   29 Jul 2017   Posted By Richard S.   61 Favs   3 Comments
  •   12 Jul 2017   Posted By Elva J.   64 Favs   2 Comments

    Learn How to Get Healthier By Sitting in a Sauna

    What's the reason that people choose to subject themselves to the intense heat of a sauna? In the very hot, very damp surroundings, your body releases perspiration in uncomfortable amounts. Thankfully, the suffering pays off, because by regularly visiting saunas, you acquire a myriad of health benefits.

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  •   8 Aug 2017   Posted By Jake T.   59 Favs   3 Comments

    Radiant Skin Care And How To Get It

    Cleansing your skin is one of the most important things you can do. Dirty skin only holds in the dirt and causes pores to clog and blemishes to appear on your face. Maintaining radiant skin care practices is worth the time it takes to do it daily.

    If you wear makeup on a daily basis then never go to bed without washing it off and then moisturizing.

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  •   28 Jul 2017   Posted By Danny W.   93 Favs   10 Comments

    How Harmful Are UV Rays To Our Skin?

    When spring arrives, we all want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. When summer is just around the corner, we look forward to going to the beach, swimming, and participating in a wide variety of outdoor activities. The result of spending so much time outdoors is that we are increasingly exposed to the sun's UV rays.

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  •   12 Aug 2017   Posted By Teddy F.   72 Favs   8 Comments

    Make Bath Salts: 5 Techniques For A More Professional Bath Salt Recipe

    If you've already made a basic bath salt, but you want to produce a more professional product, you'll love these simple techniques. They'll make your bath salts less "homebrew" and more spa-quality. Once you start using them, you will feel more confident giving your handmade bath salts as gifts or presenting them for sale at a store or craft fair.

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  •   28 Jul 2017   Posted By Leigh L.   77 Favs   7 Comments

    Choosing The Right Shampoo Is Crucial For Your Style

    Shampoo plays an important role in achieving healthy hair. It removes dirt and oil, eliminates build up, and adds fragrance and moisture. Choosing the right formula for your hair type is essential, since shampoo designed for dry hair will not help hair that is oily, and vice versa.

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  •   31 Jul 2017   Posted By Thomas G.   4 Favs   5 Comments

    Eco Green Aroma Therapy For Your Home

    Living in a sanitized and hygienic home without the use of eco-green aroma therapy products can sometimes leave an off putting chemical smell that is unwelcoming to family members and guests. Chemicals released from popular cleaning products are known to cause headaches and other ailments such as allergies and rashes.

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  •   11 Jul 2017   Posted By Rocky K.   89 Favs   7 Comments

    Take Care Of Your Teeth

    When you meet new people, what are the first two things that you notice about them? The answer is their smile and teeth. Healthy teeth can tell you a lot about one's personality. When you choose not to take care of your teeth, you pay the price with rotten teeth and bad breath and this can have a negative effect on your life as well as the people that you are around.

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