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29 Jul 2017
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High End Mature Skin Care Using Essential Oils


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Posted By Richard S.

Want to use a high-end skin care formula but are put off by the cost? Looking for something truly customized for your skin type? Feeling uncomfortable with all those ingredients you cannot pronounce? Why not make your own blend, with completely pure high grade botanicals at a fraction of the cost? Here's three fantastic recipes for woman's mature skin -- effective beauty care you can make at home quickly, and within a budget.

Essential Oils: The Best Skin Care Botanicals

The heart of much of the finest natural skin care is made up of volatile plant extracts, otherwise known as essential oils. While some folks still see essential oils as some sort of New Age funny-smelling stuff, the truth is getting out: that essential oils really are medicine, and many of them are some of the finest skin care ingredients money can buy. There's even a whole bunch of scientific data to back it up (search for "calendula" or "rosehipseed" and "skin" for example, and you'll see all sorts of papers). The essential oils make up the "active ingredients" of your formula, and the "carrier oils" into which they're mixed make up the "base". Creating a custom recipe is as easy as selecting a few essential oils and one or two carrier oils that suit your skin's particular needs, and mixing them together just as you would and recipe in the kitchen.

Woman's Oil of Beauty: Rose Essential Oil

On to the ingredients -- we'll look at several, and note which ones are best for each skin type. The heart of every formula for woman's mature skin care is also the premier beauty oil of all time: Rose Otto. This steam distilled variety of Rose essential oil is nearly miraculous in its therapeutic beauty care benefits for woman's skin. Rose offers a synergy of effects, being emollient, softening and hydrating in addition to being gently stimulating and cleansing. Amazingly, it is also considered astringent (remember its also hydrating at the same time) and can heal redness, broken capillaries and inflammation. It is somewhat costly, but for your recipe, you'll only need a few drops -- the smallest size available will virtually always be enough, and probably enough for several bottles of your recipe. And oh MY, even those tiny amounts smell simply Out-Of-This-World!

History's Favorite Skin Soother: Calendula Oil

Next we'll choose an oil that's highly nutritive, protective, and healing at the same time: Calendula. Infused oil of Calendula is all that used to be available, but now a high-tech (but still natural) supercritical carbon dioxide extract can be found in the essential oil section of online stores. Look for Calendula CO2 "Total". This is an amazing extract from an amazingly healing flower. Tons of research notes its anti-inflammatory, wound healing, and antioxidant actions. Calendula "infused oil", where the flowers are soaked in another oil like Olive, has been used throughout history for soothing sensitive skin -- now the CO2 extract gives you the flexibility to easily add this precious ingredient to you recipe -- a very highly recommended choice!

Stimulate, Regenerate and Cleanse

One or more of these three oils are excellent companion oils to the Rose and Calendula. Rosemary "Verbenone" is a skin-care specialty oil, distilled from a particular variety of Rosemary herb. Long used in all sorts of body care preparations, Rosemary is thought to work by stimulating cellular metabolism (increasing the amount of nutrients getting into our skin cells), speeding the creation of new cells, and enhancing our skin's vitality. Helichrysum is even more potently regenerative -- often used in wound healing, Helichrysum will also increase new skin cell production, while drawing waste products from skin tissues. And lets not forget Lavender, the Grand-Daddy of skin-care medicine. Lavender is regenerative, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and aids skin conditions where stress may be an underlying factor.

For specific skin care needs, we'll also include Sandalwood and Myrtle essential oils in certain blends (you'll see which oils go with which skin type in the recipes below). Both these oils are considered excellent for acne-prone skin. Myrtle is potently antiseptic, regenerative, and commonly found in acne and oily-skin formulas. Sandalwood is hydrating AND an excellent treatment for acne. Myrtle offers a great herbaceous "high note" to your blend, while Sandalwood gives a lovely earthy tone.

Cold-Pressed Oils: The Base of Your Recipe

On to the base of the formula, the "carrier oils". These are oils cold pressed from nuts, seeds and fruit. Olive oil is an example, but we'll use ones more therapeutic for woman's beauty care. Virgin Coconut oil is the foundation of every recipe. It has a host of therapeutic properties itself: it is antibacterial, antioxidant, antiviral (just in case!). Coconut oil is also VERY hydrating and is known to balance hormones in the skin on a cellular level (which can clear up a number of skin "conditions" -- acne being one of them, dry irritated skin being another). Kukui nut oil, also from the tropics, is another amazing, healing base oil with numerous skin care benefits similar to Coconut. Kukui oil is beneficial for all skin types bringing a gentle softness and silkiness to the skin. Both of these oils blended in equal amounts make a wonderful base into which to add the essential oils -- OR you may use one or the other, in combination with this next amazing oil...

Nature's Mature Skin Cure: Rosehip Seed

Cold pressed from the seeds of wild roses, grown high and arid regions of South America, comes Rosehip Seed Oil, Rosa Mosqueta. A study done in 1983 at the University of Santiago, Chile, revealed the exceptionally therapeutic activity of this oil for smoothing the skin in every respect: it reduces wrinkles, smooths skin color, significantly slows further skin aging, reduces scar appearance and more. Rosehip seed should NOT be used by those currently susceptible to acne breakouts, as its ability to increase skin-cell turnover can exacerbate this particular situation. For everyone else, mixing Rosehip seed and the tropical nut oils creates an incredible synergy of effects. So lets mix up some of this beauty magic!

Putting It All Together for Your Custom Formula:

Ingredients: 1 dark glass bottle 30 or 60ml (1 or 2 ounces). Blue cobalt is beautiful. Brown is also appropriate. You'll want to use a dark colored glass to protect the essential oils. Also: 1 funnel, essential oils and carrier oils of choice.

Mixing instructions: Add the required number of drops of each essential oil to your empty bottle. If making 2 ounces, double the amounts, 4 ounces, 4 times, etc. With a funnel, add approximate amounts of your carrier oil -- if using all three carrier oils, for example, just fill the bottle about a third of the way with each oil. Don't overfill, as you won't be able to get the eyedropper in (if using one) without spilling! Gently invert the bottle several times and let set for a bit. The aroma will not really be brilliant until the following day, but you can use the mixture right away. The formulas are designed for using one to 3 times per day. On to the recipes:

Healing Beauty Formulas For Every Skin Type:

Moderate to sever dry skin with smile lines: Rose Otto 8 drops, Lavender 12 drops, Calendula CO2 6 drops, three parts Coconut and one part each Kukui and Rosehip seed oils.

For mature skin with scars and smile lines: Rose Otto 6 drops, Lavender 8 drops, Helichrysum 6 drops, Rosemary V. 6 drops, based in equal parts Coconut, Kukui oil and Rosehip seed oils.

Irritated or sensitive skin, perhaps with broken capillaries: Rosemary 8 drops, Lavender 6 drops, Calendula CO2 6 drops, Sandalwood 6 drops, in three parts Coconut and one part each Kukui and Rosehip seed oils.

For oily, acne-prone or combination skin: Myrtle 10 drops, Lavender 8, drops, Rosemary V., 6 drops, in equal parts of Kukui and Coconut oils.

Four easy recipes to get you started -- and there's so many essential oils to choose from, with a range of therapeutic properties. These blends described here can be VERY effective, and by making them yourself this first time, you'll open up whole new doors to formulating your personal, customized, high-end skin care at a fraction of the cost of the Big Names in the business. May you have beautiful, healthy skin where every you go!

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By Lionel F. on AUG 1 2017 @ 2:15PM

Are oil based skin care products good for your skin?

By Curtis T. on JUL 31 2017 @ 5:03PM

Someone told me that people who have naturally oily skin tend to look younger even when their in their 50's and 60's, and now that I look aound at people I think there's probably a lot of truth to that.

By Delores M. on JUL 30 2017 @ 3:13PM

Rosehip smells great in addition to being great in oils and lotions.

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