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28 Jul 2017
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Choosing The Right Shampoo Is Crucial For Your Style


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Posted By Leigh L.

Shampoo plays an important role in achieving healthy hair. It removes dirt and oil, eliminates build up, and adds fragrance and moisture. Choosing the right formula for your hair type is essential, since shampoo designed for dry hair will not help hair that is oily, and vice versa. There are many different shampoo varieties available, including clarifiers, nourishing formulas, and shampoos designed for color treated and/or permed hair. Most shampoos contain additional vitamins, minerals, and proteins to nourish, condition, and repair hair that has been damaged by the environment and/or over styling.

For oily hair, a clarifying shampoo is best, since it will clean your hair and contain the least amount of added oil. Look for a lightweight, salon professional quality product, ideally one that contains natural mint extracts, which have been shown to effectively cleanse and rejuvenate oily hair. For dry hair, shampoos designed for dry hair contain extra does of moisturizers and nourishing vitamins, as well as olive oil, almond oil, honey, chamomile and other natural moisture enhancers.

Chemically treated hair benefits from hair products that are able to both retain the hair color, and repair any damage incurred as a result of the coloring treatment. A top quality shampoo will contain UV filters to prevent further fading. For dandruff prone hair, you should look for a product designed to protect and treat dandruff, and depending on the severity of your condition, ingredients like ketonazole should be included in some, if not all of the types you choose. Use caution when choosing products that are labeled anti dandruff but contain harsh detergent bases, as these can aggravate the problem, particularly if you are also prone to oily hair.

Here are some additional tips to help you achieve a head of healthier hair.

First, always choose a shampoo with a low ph, since a shampoo that contains a higher ph tends to be harsher on the hair. Make sure to always double and triple check the ingredients on the bottle as well, since some shampoos are specially designed for daily use, and some are not. Also, be sure that if you have oily hair, the product you choose does not contain a strong detergent base. Finally, make sure to change your shampoo every three months, alternating types if necessary, since your hair adjusts to a certain type after this period, rendering it less effective. This does not mean that you can not consistently use your favorite brand, just be sure to experiment with different types.

Comments (7)

By Nettie F. on AUG 1 2017 @ 6:21AM

Aveda black malva shampoo is good for people with black hair.

By Heidi E. on JUL 31 2017 @ 7:21PM

I'm so glad I cut my hair shorter, so much easier to wash!

By Tyrone G. on JUL 31 2017 @ 6:09PM

Do natural shampoos work as well as others?

By Ken H. on JUL 30 2017 @ 5:14PM

I've been using Pantene Pro-V for the past 20 years or so, and it's good for me.

By Leland D. on JUL 30 2017 @ 9:08AM

Is anti-dandruff shampoo bad in some way, I mean, if not wouldn't everyone want to use it?

By Janelle I. on JUL 30 2017 @ 7:15AM

When I changed shampoo to a cheaper brand, the inside of my ears started itching like crazy.

By Patrick C. on JUL 29 2017 @ 8:05AM

I never knew what clarifying shampoo meant. I guess it's a nice way of saying shampoo for people with oily hair. It might not come off so well in an ad if they say it that way.

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